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English is Easy
It’s a foundation course where the incumbent who has not studied English beyond class VII, learns simple day today conversations, basic Vocabulary and Soft Skills .
English is Fun
This is for participants who know basic level English and want to brush up for bettering speaking and comprehension skills .
English Velocity
This is an advanced module for aspirants of Public Speaking, Group Discussion, Debate, Emceeing etc.
Get Set Go
It is our campus to corporate programme, aimed at honing the skills desirable for cracking interviews and getting that coveted job. We have specially designed sessions by considering these needs.
Rendezvous- Career Counselling
It is a self discovery session whereby the student discovers his interest, aptitude to find a career that he is most suitable for-a very crucial link that has been missing in our education system.
Train & Recruit
This is our offering to the organisations who are ready to hire fresh blood. Armed with necessary skills our students are ready to take on challenges in the job market.

About Us

Vandana Jani institute of English and Training Academy-VIJETA is a vision born out of Vandana's love for students, as she strongly believes that students are the beacon of hope for country's progress.If given the right inspiration, training and awareness, these youth are second to none in the world.
You all will agree, we are at a juncture where we cannot afford ignorance of a global language. Our revered gujarati writer, Sh Gunvantbhai Shah says that we need to have good English teachers in Gujarati schools to impart the English language skills to our students.
This is precisely what VIJETA is conceptualized and born to contribute.With deepest reverence to our mother tongue, we aim to create a globally competent workforce.
Our mission is to identify raw talent and transform them into enhanced employable efficient workforce by bringing student skills closer to industry needs.


narendra-modi-big-image-3-abc_1428909138_725x725As our PM, Sh. Narendra Modi has rightly said that if we want to create a global impact, we cannot but admit the importance of English as a global language.


“Know Yourself ” Multiple Intelligence Analysis Report

Know answers to the following questions about you / your child…

  • Is your child right brain thinker or Left brain thinker ?
  • Is your child a Thinker or an Executor ?
  • Is your child Emotional, Cognitive, Reflective or Critical Learner ?
  • What is your child's IQ, EQ, AQ & CQ percentage ?
  • What is your child's learning preference - Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic ?
  • In which career will your child perform the best ?
  • What are the personality traits of your child ?
Do you know that we have 8 types of intelligence ? Which is your most powerful intelligence out of these ?
  • Intrapersonal
  • Interpersonal
  • Logical
  • Visual
  • Linguistic
  • Kinesthetic
  • Naturalist
  • Musical

Quality Management System